Lamictal starter pack

Lamictal Mono 25 mgx42 Start Pack contains 42 tablets of 25 mg Lamictal. The active ingredient in Lamictal is lamotrigine. These tablets are pale yellow in color. They are of rounded square shape and each Lamictal tablet contains 25 mg of lamotrigine. These tables also contain inactive ingredients such as lactose, sodium starch glycollate, microcrystalline cellulose, iron oxide yellow, magnesium stearate and providone. The starter pack containing 42 tablets will last for 28 days. You have to follow the instructions on the pack carefully. Do not forget to have another prescription from your doctor for Lamictal before you finish this starter pack. Lamotrigine is used alone or together with other medications to prevent or control epilepsy seizures. It is used in preventing extreme mood swings of bipolar disorder. It is believed that this medicine works by restoring the balance of certain natural substances called neurotransmitters in the brain.

Lamictal tablets are manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals, S.A. GlaxoSmithKline UK, Middlesex is licensed to sell Lamictal tablets in the United Kingdom. Lamotrigine belongs to a group of medicines called anticonvulsants. This drug is used to treat many types of epilepsy. The starter pack is meant for children and adults over 12 years only. In general this medicine does not any problem. However, there are a few who should avoid taking it, or consult their doctor before taking it.

You should consult your doctor if you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant or if you breast feed your baby. If you have had previously an allergic reaction to Lamictal, irrespective of its ingredients listed above, you should talk to your doctor before starting this medication. If you had developed a rash previously when you were treated with Lamictal, or with any other antiepileptic drug, discuss with your doctor before taking this drug again. If you are on any other medication, get the consent of your doctor before starting Lamictal. If you are taking any form of hormonal contraceptive, before taking Lamictal you should talk to your doctor. If you are under hormone replacement therapy, consult your doctor first and then start Lamictal if prescribed for you. If you have diseases related to kidney or liver, or if you suffer from Parkinson's disease, you should talk to your doctor before starting Lamictal. If you are taking valproate, phenytoin, carbamazepine, primidone, phenobarbital, oxcarbazepine, rifampicin or olanzapine you should discuss with your doctor before taking Lamictal.

It is of utmost importance that you should take Lamictal only in the way your doctor has told you. Use water to swallow these tablets. Do not stop taking this medicine suddenly. Talk to your doctor first. Any medicine can cause unwanted effects together with its needed effects. Most people using this medicine do not experience side effects. However, you should not ignore if any symptoms develop in you while taking Lamictal and you should bring this to the attention of your doctor immediately. In children, Lamictal may cause some common reactions such as rash, sore mouth, face swelling, flu-like symptoms, sore throat or unexpected bruising or bleeding. Talk to the doctor who treats your child. Bring it to the immediate attention of your doctor if you have blurred vision, loss of coordination, jerking movements or seizures while taking Lamictal.

Keep your Lamictal in a dry room with temperature below 30deg. C. Keep it out of reach of children. Do not take Lamictal after the expiry date displayed on the pack. When you happen to stop this medication as advised by your doctor, return the left over tablets to your pharmacist. You can keep them with you only if your doctor advises to do so.