Lamictal for migraines

Lamictal, the brand name for the generic drug lamotrigine, is a prescription medicine. Lamictal is thought to inhibit sodium channels. Lamictal also appears to reduce glutamate release. Glutamate is an excitatory neurotransmitter. This drug is available in the form of tablets in various sizes. Small sizes of these tablets are meant for children and are chewable. It is used to treat bipolar disorder and epilepsy. Lamictal is not approved for treating migraine. It is logical to think that Lamictal may be useful in treating migraine as many other epilepsy medications are useful in preventing migraine headaches. Some studies have evaluated this drug for preventing migraines. However, most of these studies have taken up migraines with aura as the main subject. Prior to occurrence of migraine, some people may have an aura. Yet, an aura need not necessarily have a usual sign when a migraine is about to happen. This sign can be such as a vision change, speech changes, numbness, or tingling. Visual signs such as seeing spots, tunnel vision or other vision changes are the most common type of aura signs. The aura can be debilitating or prolonged in some people. It is known through a few studies that taking Lamictal daily may help prevent migraine aura. Some studies have also shown that this drug helps prevent the headache itself, arising out of migraine.

Usually, people with migraines are treated with certain medications only when migraine occurs. These drugs include triptans, such as sumatriptan. People of the other section use a different type of medication which is taken daily for preventing migraines. For people having frequent migraines, very severe migraines or migraines that do not respond to triptans or other equivalent medications, migraine prevention medications are the most appropriate ones. It is therefore very clear that Lamictal is useful in migraine prevention even though basically it is a seizure medication also approved for treating bipolar disorder. Studies also concur with the statement that Lamictal is especially useful in prevention of migraines with aura. However, a few researches only have been carried out and documented with regard to use of Lamictal for migraines. Therefore, it is safe to use Lamictal for other medications only, until this medication is proved to be safe and effective with migraine prevention also. Only when there is no other go, namely, only when other medications are not effective in specific cases of migraines having severe and prolonged symptoms or debilitating aura, Lamictal could be the last resort.

An old proverb says that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Therefore, prevention of migraine is certainly desirable. There are several methods that can help prevent migraines. The common approaches may include knowing your triggers, reducing stress, changing the lifestyle and using medications. Migraines prevention means stopping migraines from occurring. Medications are recommended for migraines prevention when migraines occur in more than two days a week, or eight days per month, when uncommon migraine symptoms occur, such as hemiplegic migraines or migraines with prolonged aura. A different medication can be prescribed for prevention migraine when usual medicines are not effective or not recommended because of health reasons or because that they were being used more than two times per week.

In any of the above situations, your doctor may recommend a medication available for prevention of migraine. Even though Lamictal can solve your problems related to migraines, it is always to be remembered that off-label uses of this drug is illegal. Therefore, if you suffer from migraines, do not start Lamictal without consulting your doctor. It is advisable that you should talk to your doctor giving all details such as your present medical condition, your history of medication and your frequency and severity of migraines, so that your doctor can put you on the right course of treatment that suits you well.