Lamictal for bipolar disorder

Lamictal is a prescription medication for treating certain types of seizure, but it is also approved to treat bipolar disorder by the United States Food and Drug Administration. The use of Lamictal for treating this disorder is intended to prevent depression or episodes of mania. Lamictal is not yet approved to treat bipolar depression, but this medication seems to be effective in treating this condition too. Lamictal received approval for 'maintenance treatment' of bipolar disorder. This drug therefore can be used on long-term basis for preventing episodes of mania or depression. However, it is not approved for starting the medication with this when the patient is actively manic or depressed. Research on Lamictal suggests that it can treat bipolar depression too. This is a challenging condition to treat as antidepressants are not often recommended for this. Antidepressant can cause 'manic switches' in people with bipolar depression, which means, these people quickly switch to mania from depression.

The Texas Medication Algorithm Project (TMAP) is one of the most commonly used sets of treatment recommendations for bipolar disorder. The TMAP now-a-days recommends Lamictal as the initial choice for bipolar depression, whether it is used alone or in combination with other medications for bipolar disorder. Even though Lamictal seems to be useful specifically for treating bipolar depression, it is approved to treat bipolar disorder only, that too as a preventive treatment when the patient is neither manic nor depressed. Lamictal is the choice of many for bipolar depression, even though it is not yet approved for this use.

In today's world, many ways and means are available for doctors and patients to ensure that conditions such as bipolar disorder are kept at bay. Many doctors opine that Lamictal tends to be one of the most effective drugs to keep the symptoms of bipolar disorder under control. More importantly, doctors say, that there are not too many side effects worrying both the patient and the doctor. Headache is one of the most common side effects caused by Lamictal. However, the symptoms of bipolar disorder should be sorted out early because, when these conditions remain untreated it can cause mania attacks during the lifetime of the patient. The risk of death in such cases can go up to 15 per cent only by committing suicide, if untreated.

Lamictal is very effective for bipolar disorder. It treats mania, depression and most importantly it helps a patient when suicidal thoughts develop in the patient. This drug had saved many people who had thoughts of hurting themselves. Once the bipolar disorder is diagnosed, the doctor chooses the best course of treatment with regard to Lamictal medication. Doctors believe that Lamictal can be successful even with the critical cases. Bipolar disorder seems to occur in many people from the age of 21. It occurs in children also sometimes. It is not predictable as to who will be subjected to bipolar disorder. However, once the symptoms of bipolar disorder are diagnosed, treatment with Lamictal could be the road to recovery for the patient. However, self-medication with Lamictal is dangerous.

If you are taking Lamictal for treating bipolar symptoms you and your beloved ones can contribute to your recovery significantly. On your part, you should maintain a healthy lifestyle. Keep regular sleeping patterns and reduce your stress. Let people close to you know about your condition always, because any signs of relapse could be serious and they should know what they have to look for in you. You can join self-help groups on the internet. This can build confidence in you. When sharing your experiences with them you may start feeling like your old self again.

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